Some different topics were and are currently being subject of research in order to develop the Automatic Incident Detection system and the Automatic Traffic Monitoring system. The main research topics and the developed algorithms are listed and described below.

Research Topics List

Robust Vehicle Segmentation Robust Vehicle Segmentation
A robust segmentation process for detecting incidents on highways is presented. This segmentation process is based on background subtraction and uses an efficient background model initialisation and update to work 24/7. A cross-correlation based shadow detection is also used for minimising ghosts.
Stopped Vehicles Detection Stopped Vehicles Detection
A stopped vehicle detection system based on the pixel history cache is proposed. This methodology has proved to be quite robust in terms of different weather conditions, lighting and image quality. Some experiments carried out on some highway scenarios demonstrate the robustness of the proposed solution.
Wrong Way Drivers Detection Wrong Way Drivers Detection
The proposed solution is based on three main stages: Learning, Detection and Validation. Firstly, the orientation pattern of vehicles motion flow is learned and modelled by a mixture of gaussians. The second stage (Detection and Temporal Validation) applies the learned orientation model in order to detect objects moving in the lane's opposite direction. The third and final stage uses an Appearance-based approach to ensure the detection of a vehicle before triggering an alarm.
Vehicle Counting Vehicle Counting
To count the number of vehicles per lane of an observed scenario, each segmented vehicle prepossesses a control flag which indicates if it has or has not been taken into account. These flags are activated when vehicles pass through regions defined for each lane, known as counter sensors.
Vehicle Velocity Estimation Vehicle Velocity Estimation
In order to estimate vehicle velocity, a bird eye view of the highway is estimated. This approach besides being employed on uncalibrated cameras, requires two known lengths on the ground plane, and can be applied only to straight highways .

Wrong Way Driver Detection

Vehicle circulating in the wrong direction detected by AID System on a Portuguese highway.